Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best and Worst Halloween Candies

Every year at this time the internet becomes filled with commentary on what the best and worst Halloween candies are to give out to trick-or-treaters. Taste in candy can be subjective so it makes it difficult to gage what others will enjoy. However, the one rule of Halloween that everyone should follow is only give out candy! Trick-or-treaters do not want to receive raisins or other dried fruits on this long-awaited, candy-filled holiday, and they definitely don’t want toothbrushes. Let the children’s parents worry about cavities—Halloween is one night when teeth are supposed to be coated in a thick, sugary mess.

My personal dislikes for Halloween candies are candy corn and Smarties. Otherwise, I’m not too picky. Candy corn seems to always come up in lists of worst Halloween candy, and I have to agree. It’s so perfectly themed for the season that I want to like it, but every time I eat it I just don’t enjoy it. Since this candy seems to cause such debate, my recommendation is to get a stash for yourself to eat if you enjoy it, but don’t subject others to the sickenly sweet, waxy pieces of corn. Smarties are probably the most boring candies to get for Halloween. Their not actually that bad, they just can’t really compete with candy bars, Pop Rocks, or gummy candy shaped like pumpkins and monsters.

This leads me to my favorite Halloween candies. Pop Rocks are probably the best thing to get for Halloween—not only do they come in tasty flavors, they are actually exciting to eat. And there’s nothing better than receiving a candy that both turns your tongue colors and creates odd, sparkling sensations in your mouth. You also can’t go wrong with candy bars or anything chocolate. My personal favorites to hand out are Snickers, Milky Way, and Hershey’s varieties, but almost any candy bar is a great thing to get in a Halloween bag. I don’t know how other people feel about gummy candies, but I love them. This year I discovered Lifesavers gummies shaped like witches, pumpkins, mummies, and other Halloween symbols. They are great, but I’ve mostly eaten the entire stash and it’s still a few hours before trick-or-treaters will be arriving.

That’s just my personal opinion on appropriate Halloween candy. Whatever you decide to hand out, just make sure it’s something you will enjoy eating if you have any left over.

Happy Halloween everyone—I hope you all have a fun, spooky, and sugary night!

One more rule: don't hand out rocks!!

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