Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birthday Cake!

I’m normally not much of a baker. It just doesn’t bring me the same thrill as sautĂ©ing vegetables, listening to the soft simmer of soup bubbling away on the stove, or basting a nice piece of meat in the oven. My lukewarm approach to baking changed, however, when it came time to create a birthday cake for one of my best friends. I say “create” rather than bake because this was not your ordinary birthday cake…this was a triple-decker, over-the-top, completely ridiculous, and absurdly delicious birthday cake. 

The bottom layer consisted of a funfetti cake. Then I frosted the top with a layer of swirled nutella and fluffernutter (a combination I shall name “flufftella”). On top of that was a dark chocolate brownie. Another layer of flufftella. And then…and then waffles. Not just standard breakfast waffles, but waffles that contained bits of a dark chocolate bar with coconut and caramel. Yes, I did that.

 After the cake was assembled I frosted the whole thing in home-made whipped cream and decked it out with rainbow sprinkles. And of course no birthday cake is complete without brightly colored candles dripping wax all over it. 

This cake was seriously awesome. I didn’t add any sugar to the whipped cream or the waffle batter so that it wouldn’t get overly sweet. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a sugar bomb--while making the cake I got such a sugar rush and crash from tasting everything that I had to stop baking and take a nap. But these are the hardships we must endure to make our friend’s birthdays extra special. So say goodbye to boring birthday cakes. Next time you’ve got to make one, while settle for just one plain cake with some frosting? Why not combine three awesome desserts into one massive baked good of happiness? Trust me, it’s so worth it.