Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Onion Rings

“The secret to making onion rings is confidence.”
—Tara Rook

What’s better than homemade onion rings at 3 in the morning? Well, I can think of one thing that could be better, but that’s another story.

My sister Tara is an expert at making onion rings, and I had the pleasure of trying them last weekend. Apparently the secret to making onion rings is confidence, but you’ll need a few other ingredients as well:


Start off by cracking the eggs into a bowl and stir them up with a fork. Then combine the flour and breadcrumbs in another bowl. If you want to add salt, pepper, or other spices then this is the time to do it.

Slice the onions into rings—you can go for either thick or thin rings depending on your preference. Be sure to separate the onion slices so you’re not doubling up the rings.

While you are preparing the onions you can get some oil started on the stove. Make sure it’s nice and hot before you put the onions in.

Take the onion slices and dip them into the flour mixture, then into the eggs, then back into the flour. Now you’re ready to place them in the oil. If you are immersing them in oil then just throw them in and wait until they turn golden brown before removing them. And if you are using a shallow pan then make sure that one side has reached that golden-brown perfection before turning it over to finish it off.

They taste great served up with a sprinkle of salt and some Sriracha on the side for dipping. Just remember, if you don’t maintain confidence during this process your onion rings will be inferior!

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