Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The last time I was in Maine we headed over to District, located at 45 Danforth Street in Portland, for some fantastic fare. 

The main incentive for going to District was oysters (surprise, surprise). It turned out that they have a great deal on oysters. Winterpoints from West Bath, Maine, and Blue Points from Connecticut were both available at an affordable price. The Blue Points are only $1 each, but the $2 Winterpoints are definitely superior. Nice and salty—a delightfully briny embodiment of the northeastern shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

To accompany the oceanic oysters I ordered a French 75 cocktail. This drink was concocted with Tanqueray gin, lemon juice, and prosecco, served straight up. The citrus of the lemon juice and the lightness of the gin and prosecco made for a great combination and was delightful with the briny oysters.

We also ordered some seared foie gras, which was soft and luscious—like butta. I don’t know what it is about foie gras. It’s simply amazing and you really only need a bite or two to enjoy it. Foie gras is definitely the silky smooth goddess of elegant appetizers. 

Other dishes we sampled included baby back ribs with a cider glaze and served with fennel slaw; steamed local mussels with fennel, crème fraiche, and served with grilled bread; mixed green salad with duck fat croutons and sherry vinaigrette; and roasted beet salad of local greens, feta, fried shallots, and rosemary red wine vinaigrette. 

All the food was fresh, delicious, and executed perfectly. I’ve also been informed that they have amazing burgers that are simple and straightforward without all the trappings that some restaurants use to try and elevate burgers into the realm of gourmet. 

District is a nice place to sit back and have a drink, eat some oysters, or try some excellent dishes. I’ll definitely be hitting it up the next time I’m in Portland.

Update: Be sure to check out my review of Districts amazing burgers! http://sliceofearthlydelight.blogspot.com/2011/07/district-burger.html 

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