Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morel Mushroom Egg Scramble

When I woke up yesterday I knew that I wanted to use the morel mushrooms in the dinner I was going to cook for my parents that night, but I just couldn’t resist trying them out ahead of time. I decided that a morel mushroom egg scramble seemed fitting, and I set to work.

Scrambled eggs are indeed simple, but it is often the simplest tasks that require attention and skill to create something truly spectacular. I started off by cracking two eggs, adding a splash of milk, and whisking them up with a fork. The milk helps them to become light and fluffy, and if you can get fresh eggs it will taste even better.

I set the eggs aside and sliced up some of the morels. I also grated a small amount of cheddar cheese. 

Next I heated up some butter in a cast iron pan and sautéed the morels for a couple of minutes.

Turning the heat to around medium to medium-low will help keep the eggs from cooking too quickly and drying out. Add the eggs to the pan and use a utensil to push the eggs around in the pan. I generally keep the eggs moving the whole time so that you don’t end up with certain pieces cooked too much and others not enough. When the eggs are almost done but still a little moist add the grated cheese and continue to scramble the eggs. Adding just a little bit of cheese gives the eggs more flavor but doesn’t overload them with melted cheese. It also helps to fluff them up a bit.

And voila! A dish that is satisfying and delicious in its simplicity. The morels (or other mushrooms if you don’t have access to these spring fungi) add a hearty, meaty quality to the eggs that is much lighter than something like bacon or sausage. I recommend a little crushed red pepper or hot sauce to accompany these tasty eggs.

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