Saturday, June 4, 2011

Slider Throwdown: Part II

While I was satisfied with my hibiscus margarita, seared Ahi tuna slider, and avocado-mango dip, I knew Sonya and Pat were forces to be reckoned with in the kitchen. Sonya used apple to tie all her dishes together and created waldorf salad, an apple-pear margarita, and a sausage slider. 

Sonya even roasted her own red peppers to create a tasty mayonnaise spread for the sliders. She roasted them on the gas top stove and then placed them in a ziplock bag. The steam in the bag made it easy to remove the skins, and they tasted so much better than store-bought roasted red peppers in a jar. It's definitely a neat trick that I'll be using myself in the future!

The salad was crisp and delicious, the margarita was nice and smooth, and both complemented the slider perfectly. The best part about Sonya's dishes is that they all went together really nicely--a sip of the margarita made you want to take a bite of the slider, and a taste of the slider made you want a forkful of waldorf salad. The incorporation of apple into every dish was a nice touch. Maybe too nice...