Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bake For You

If you’re looking to buy sweets for your sweetie, or just have your own sweet tooth you want to indulge, you should definitely check out Bake For You. This is the perfect place to get real, home-made, satisfying treats.

The Bake For You Web site describes itself as “a small independent baking business nestled in a commercial kitchen, overlooking Albany’s Washington Park.” They are “proud to use organic sugar, flour, free-range eggs, and Vermont butter” and “strive to use local products whenever possible.”

The menu includes cookies, brownies, and scones, as well as other treats like carrot cupcakes and pumpkin squares. How can you resist their signature cookie, the white chip and Craisin? Or the “Everything” cookie, which is loaded with oatmeal, chocolate chip, coconut, raisins, and nuts? How about an Earl Grey brownie? Or a lemon scone? All the flavors and ingredients are fresh and delicious. I highly recommend trying one of the holiday samplers for any event over the holidays—they are available between November 15 and January 2 and each comes with a variety of cookies, as well as bite-size brownies and macaroons. No matter what your guests prefer, everyone will be happy with the selection.

I’m a firm believer in being able to taste the time, care, and love that goes into cooking or baking food. With the treats from Bake For You, you can truly taste the joy that went into creating each item.

I had the opportunity to interview creator, owner, and baker of Bake For You, Linda Kindlon, to find out more about this delicious company.

What inspired you to start Bake For You?

I had a catering business for two-and-a-half years and closed. I decided to get a job not in the food business. After six months my mind was back to thinking of cookie and brownie recipes. People were still asking for some of my baked goods and I felt I still had a following. So in no time Bake For You was born.

How long have you been doing Bake For You?

I started the business in September 2009.

How and when did you learn to bake?

I was totally self-taught. I knew I really loved it when I had to get my baking badge for girl scouts.

What is your most popular baked good?

The most popular item is the white chip and cranberry cookie. You can’t eat just one!

What is your favorite to make?

I really enjoy baking everything on my menu, but if I had to choose my favorite it would be cookies.

Do you have any special treats in the works for Valentine's Day?

For Valentines Day I will have heart cookies. Some will be dipped in chocolate or a vanilla glaze and also raspberry jam hearts. All Bake For You treats can be wrapped and delivered. They make a wonderful gift for any occasion!

You can be a fan of Bake For You on Facebook, or check out the Bake For You Web site here, where you can place orders online:


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