Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Food

As I wrote my hopes and dreams for 2010 at about two o’clock this morning I realized that none of my goals involve food. Perhaps this is because I know that no matter what I resolve there will always be good eating experiences in the future.

So what does the next year hold in regards to food? Last year I was determined to try raw oysters—any reader of this blog should know that I had many adventures with oysters in 2009! This year I don’t have any particular food that I want to try, though I’m open to suggestions. Instead, I’d just like to keep my mind and stomach open and see what deliciousness is out there in the world.

In the next few months I have a few trips planned that should offer some excellent culinary experiences. First up is Hawaii. There is so much I want to try in Hawaii—tropical drinks, plate lunches, and even a luau. The Asian influence on Hawaiian food is supposed to create some really delicious dishes, and I can’t wait to try all that Hawaii has to offer. After that I have a short trip to Boston, so indulging in seafood dishes is a must. New England clam chowder, oysters, and lobsters—all of it should be amazing. I’ve never had a meal in Boston that I didn’t enjoy. Next is Los Angeles. I haven’t spent time yet researching cuisine in L.A., but I imagine that a trip to Napa Valley for a wine tasting is in order. I’m sure there will other travels, but at least I know I’ve got these three destinations to look forward to in the next year.

As for cooking I’d like to continue to try new recipes in the kitchen. I want to broaden my culinary skills, perhaps by trying to make items I’ve never attempted before. Duck is definitely on the list—I’ve never cooked it and yet it’s one of my favorite foods. I also don’t bake very much, so it could be fun to try my hand at some interesting desserts this year.

I hope you’ll all continue to join me in whatever food adventures this new year will bring. Happy New Year!


  1. Hey Maya, have you ever had pork belly? I think maybe I remember you blogging about it at some point but im not sure. Anyway I just had it for the first time recently and it was decadent and everything you would think it would be. Also I tried a Bahn Mi, which is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich with barbecued pork and pickled vegetables. Amazing.

    Anna got a job at Momofuku in Manhattan, which if you've never been to you need to go immediately. The owner, David Chang, is about as ballin as it gets in the culinary world. Mad James Beards, Food & Wine Best New Chef, etc. Their menu has Asian undertones but for the most part is straightforward New American cuisine. They do fried brussel sprouts in a fish sauce that are mind blowing. Some other standouts were the fuji apple salad with kimchi, smoked jowl bacon and maple labne which is basically a fancy word for yogurt, and the sweetness and coolness of the labne perfectly accompanies the saltiness of the bacon. What thet are most known for though is the Bo Ssam, which serves about 10 people and is a huge pork shoulder that comes with a few different sauces and nice bib lettuce to use as wraps. "Ssam" basically translates to "wrap". It's served with a dozen oysters. Bangin.

    Hope your New Years was good, I dig your blog. Here's the link to Momofuku. Cheers.

  2. I've wanted to go to Momofuku for a long time! I would love to check it out. Yes, I had pork belly once at New World Bistro Bar and put up a post about it--I absolutely love it! That Bo Ssam sounds amazing...I think I need that dish in my life...