Friday, November 13, 2009

New World Oysters

New World Bistro Bar in Albany, New York, periodically has special events, such as their Halloween celebration a couple of weeks ago. After viewing the upcoming specials in advance I knew I couldn’t resist a visit on Halloween night, but there was one item on the menu that really hooked me—oysters topped with Black Bullfin Caviar. I could only imagine the combination of succulent oysters and little pearls of caviar deliciousness. Thankfully, my Halloween evening included dinner at New World

The oysters were available individually, so you could order one just to taste or a few for a full appetizer. In addition to the caviar, the oysters were also topped with a little dollop of crème fraîche. I would never have thought to combine crème fraîche with oysters, as I generally just squeeze lemon on top, but it was absolutely sublime. The creaminess of the crème fraîche melted into the oceanic oysters as the black caviar popped in the mouth with little bursts of divine flavor. Accompanied with a classic martini, these oysters were the perfect treat for Halloween.

As always, I highly recommend New World Bistro Bar to any diners in the Capital Region. I wish everyone could taste these oysters, but it will probably be a while before you have the opportunity again!

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