Friday, September 4, 2009

Have You Considered a Plate of Bacon?

If you are looking for something tasty to serve up at your next party, have you considered a plate of bacon? “Bacon?” you may ask. Yes—Bacon. Although bacon helps to create delicious hors d’oeuvres when wrapped around various ingredients, such as scallops, shrimp, or pears stuffed with herbed goat cheese, these treats can be quite time consuming. Besides, the taste of bacon always speaks for itself.

Making a plate of bacon is easy—just cook some up when you make breakfast the day of the party and set some aside for later. Guests at first may laugh or scoff at the idea of putting out a plate of bacon at a party, but there is no way that plate of bacon will still be sitting there by the end of the party.

Everyone loves bacon, right?

Well, maybe not everyone, but even those pesky vegetarians will be amused by the plate of bacon. It’s simply an entertaining hors d’oeuvres.

If you decide to venture into the realm of bacon plates, splurge a little and get some high-quality bacon. Even if you don’t have access to country-fresh, all-natural bacon, you should still be able to find something of high caliber at the super market. Coleman’s natural, nitrate-free, thick-sliced bacon was a big hit when I tested my plate-of-bacon theory.

So try it out and relish in the delight that a plate of bacon will bring to your next gathering. A little bowl filled with Lipitor is the perfect accompaniment to this dish!

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